The Complete Story About "The Wilsons”…Available—Free of Charge—On This Page!!

Otherwise Engaged Cover

We’ll let you in on a little secret.  Otherwise Engaged--a book about how to achieve higher levels of engagement by keeping employees from dis-engaging--is actually two books in one.

Half of the book is written in a more traditional business-book style.  It contains important insights and advice about how to be more effective in creating higher levels of engagement throughout your organization. 

The other half is written as a story—a highly entertaining and effective way of facing up to some of the actual challenges and pitfalls you might be facing on the job as you try to get a firmer grip on employee engagement and the other key intangibles such as trust, respect, empowerment, and values.

More specifically, it’s a story about the Wilson Family:  Matt and Jennifer, and their two kids Skipper and Jess.  Matt is a high-powered management consultant.  He’s also a bit of a knucklehead, who has a penchant for apply management consulting techniques inside his household.  (Do you know anyone else who runs an annual F-MOS—a Family Member Opinion Survey?)

You can now read the Wilsons story—free of charge—by clicking on the links below.  One chapter will be released each week for the next six weeks. 

Forward this page along to friends and colleagues.  And click here to buy the complete book...or should we say “both” books?

Enjoy the Wilsons’ story.  But—Warning!—don’t try these things at home!!!


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Chapter 1       Meet the Wilsons  

Chapter 2       The Wilsons Tackle Engagement

Chapter 3       The Wilsons Tackle Empowerment

Chapter 4       The Wilsons Tackle Trust & Respect

Chapter 5       The Wilsons Tackle Values

Chapter 6       The Wilson Family Meeting  (Ten Days Later)