Early Praise for John Guaspari's OTHERWISE ENGAGED
‘Otherwise Engaged’ offers a strong reminder to business owners and managers that business involves more than what can be measured. Guaspari offers brilliant analogies and real-world examples to illustrate concretely his methods and principles...
— CHARLES FRANKLIN, Small Business Trends

An engagingly funny fable that John Guaspari uses to guide the reader to answer the profoundly serious question posed by the book – Why do employee engagement activities often fail? … Thought-provoking and charming.
— JIM KOUZES, Dean’s Executive Fellow of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University...Coauthor of "The Leadership Challenge"

In this very readable (and yes, engaging) book, John Guaspari reminds us that great leaders create an environment which connects people to what is important for them as well as the company. Using a simple metaphor and providing clear, specific actions which a new or experienced leader can take, Guaspari shows us that, in the PowerPoint world of analysis and logic that permeates most organizations, it is really our humanity, and feelings of trust, respect, and safety that generate commitment and therefore performance. Pick up this book. You will learn that a wise leader doesn’t try to motivate people but rather understands ‘the intangibles’ that motivate us all.
— DAVID DOTLICH, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, Pivot Leadership...Author of "The Unfinished Leader" and 10 other books about leadership

‘Otherwise Engaged’ is vintage Guaspari: clever and entertaining while also substantive, thought provoking, and wise.
— DAN CIAMPA, Coauthor of "Right From The Start: Taking Charge In A New Leadership Role"

Having worked with John Guaspari in a previous life, I can unequivocally say that he practices what he preaches. Anyone in a position of leadership at any level would be well advised to take the advice John provides in ‘Otherwise Engaged’.
— BRIGADIER GENERAL JAMES B. SMITH, USAF, RET., Former U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

Employee engagement has been the elusive holy grail for companies and leadership since surveys revealed there is a serious gap between what we believe creates engagement and reality. This is a story that has been ongoing with no conclusion. Guaspari tells the story that needed telling, and he does it using humor and metaphor like only he can. This is a fun book that packs a powerful message all business leaders must hear to finally engage their people.
— DAVID CASULLO, President, Bates Communications, Author of "Leading the High Energy Culture: What the Best CEOs Do to Create an Atmosphere Where Employees Flourish"

John Guaspari’s latest book...is a must-read in today’s highly packaged, productized, and transactional business environment. It reminds anyone who aspires to fully lead others that they must genuinely unleash (rather than pay lip service to) the vital intangibles of engagement and respect.
— PAUL ALLEN, Chairman, Allen & Gerritsen, “One of the Best Places to Work in Boston”

An insightful and fresh perspective on contemporary talent and organizational effectiveness topics – engagement, empowerment, values, trust – in a useful and practical narrative … it will challenge you to think differently as you implement solutions to human capital issues.
— JOE BONITO, Senior Vice President, Leadership Development Executive, Global Human Resources, Bank of America

John Guaspari takes the vagaries of intangibles and serves up a hilarious how-to with his latest avatars, the Wilson family. ‘Otherwise Engaged’ provides a solid approach to the elusive topic of employee engagement. Guaspari’s brilliance is his airtight logic, but lucky for us each ‘aha!’ is paired with a ‘ha ha!’ – a business book rarity. I’ll take it!
— ELISABETH SWAN, President, Swan Consulting & Associates, Inc.

‘Otherwise Engaged’ should be required reading for anyone in a leadership position in any type of organization. You’ll come away understanding how critically important employee engagement is to the achievement of personal and business objectives. And John Guaspari’s writing style and wit make it an easy and enjoyable read.
— WALTER FLAHERTY, COO and CFO (Ret.), New England Aquarium