As I write these words, we are about to be blasted by a meteorological apocalypse here in southeastern Massachusetts, so I’m husbanding my energy for having to wrestle away that last half-gallon of 2% milk and loaf of 57-grain bread from cane-wielding shoppers at my local supermarket later today.

Herewith, therefore, just a few tenuous-at-best connections between Sunday night’s Super Bowl and Employee Engagement:

·      Cam Newton did not manifest a high level of Employee Engagement in attempting to recover his fumble with 4:11 remaining in the game and the Panthers trailing by just six points.  As a matter of fact, his quick-step recoil from the ball lying on the turf suggested a degree of active dis-engagement.

·      Tom Brady did not appear to be terribly engaged in the pre-game ceremony honoring past Super Bowl MVPs, the tip-off being that he never removed his sunglasses.  Rule of thumb: if you want to be appear as though you give two snaps about whatever it is that you are putatively engaged in, ditch the shades.

·      There are two conditions necessary for Employee Engagement: emotional commitment and rational commitment.  There’s no reason to think that Peyton Manning was not sufficiently emotionally committed to his team’s victory.  But had he approached things a bit more rationally, he might have gone to Broncos’ head coach Gary Kubiak before the game and said something along the lines of, “You might want to get Osweiler ready.  I tried to throw my wife a pre-game kiss, but it wobbled and fell short.”


Speaking of Peyton Manning, I’ve always been a big fan and was glad to see him go out a winner (even though on Sunday night he threw as many touchdown passes as I did and had only one more third-down conversion than me.) 

But now I’m even a much bigger fan.  Why?  Because his shameless declarations on national television—twice!—that to celebrate the big win he would “drink a lot of Budweiser,” the venerable brand of which he owns several distributorships, was even more self-serving than the cheesy self-promotion I am about to “engage” in in the following 88 words:

There are now just 6 days left before the February 15th deadline for you to cast your vote for my book, Otherwise Engaged, as 2015’s “Leadership Book of the Year.”   All you have to do is click here then scroll down and click on the VOTE NOW button.  That will bring you to a page listing all of the nominees.  Scroll down a bit more until you see the thumbnail of the cover of Otherwise Engaged, click on the radio button, and your vote will have been cast.

Thank you in advance for doing so.  And thank you, Peyton, for removing some of the stink from this crass request.