I'm back with an exciting (at least for me) announcement.

It’s been a while since you were treated-to/inflicted-upon-by one of these Musings.  A combination of things conspired to force these posts into hibernation over the past several months: the illness of a family member, knee replacement surgery for me, and, sadly, the passing of my mother-in-law—she was 93 and had lived a good, long, and feisty life.  (I’d add to this litany of woes the loss of the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship game, but as the saying goes...too soon.)

Tomorrow I’ll have a fuller announcement about the nomination of my book, Otherwise Engaged, as one of the top 20 business books of 2015.  Even more exciting—and self-serving—is the fact that this list of 20 will be winnowed down to 5 finalists as a result of votes casts by the reading public, i.e., by people like you.

The voting involves a simple 4-click process.  If you were so inclined, I would be thrilled and most grateful were you to cast a vote for Otherwise Engaged.  And if you were also inclined to forward the link to the ballot to six- or eight-thousand of your closest friends and associates along with a nudge toward a vote for my book, I’d be even more thrilled and grateful.  Specifics about the voting procedure forthcoming tomorrow.

It’s been good to talk/write to you again.  Hope you’ve been free of illnesses, surgeries, the passing of beloved family members, not to mention the defeat of your favorite NFL team.