Notwithstanding the recent 5-month black-out period in this space, my operating assumption when writing these Musings has been that I should post something on a daily basis.

I’ve given a lot of thought to this assumption and have come to the conclusion that it would, net, be an improvement were the posts to be longer on substance and shorter on frequency.

Consequently and effective immediately, I will be publishing Musings on a Wednesday/Friday basis, with the Friday post continuing to be “The Worse Employee Engagement Idea of the Week!”  This schedule is subject to change based on breaking news or an especially pressing matter that I feel compelled to address (e.g., the need for another round of shameless self-promotion).

I’m guessing that there will not a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth resulting from this decision.  Should that guess turn out to be incorrect, I am willing to arrange for grief counseling at my expense.

Back again on Friday with this week’s Worst Idea.