One of the recurring themes of this website (and my book, Otherwise Engaged) is the importance of semantic precision.   I’m a firm believer that a very big part of the reason that higher levels of employee engagement remains such an elusive goal is the widespread misunderstanding and misuse of the word “engagement” itself.

It’s with that in mind that I offer a new article (“Some Junior—and Possibly Senior—Moments”) appearing on the Loose Change page of this site.  It’s probably more rant than reason in that it describes a pet peeve I have about the way Major League Baseball players are now identified.  As with all Loose Change features, it’s intended more to serve as a brief palate cleanser before you turn your attention back to more serious business matters.  But there is a serious-ish point embedded in all the diversion.

You can find it on the Loose Change page.  Or save a click and go here.