I’m very excited about this week’s Worst Idea.  Why?  Because it is the current leader in the clubhouse for the prestigious designation as the Worst Employee Engagement Idea of the Entire Year.

It comes courtesy of an article appearing in, and its title pretty much gives the game away:  “5 Easy Employee Engagement Activities HR Managers Will Love”.  

Kudos to the headline writer since it contains not an ounce of fat; every word makes a substantive contribution to its awfulness. 

It refers to “Employee Engagement Activities”:  By all means fill up those to-do lists with activities so that those HR Managers can include them on their monthly status reports and reinforce the illusion of progress throughout the organization.

And they’re not just activities, they’re “Easy” activities.  After all, why do the hard, slogging work necessary to achieve real engagement when you can take on something that won’t require that you break a sweat?

They saved the best part for last:  “That HR Managers Will Love”.  Yes, as long as those universally beloved stalwarts in HR love what they’re doing, what could possibly go wrong?

I’d list what those easy activities are for you here, but I don’t want to spoil all your fun.  Enjoy the article