In last Thursday’s Musing, I provided the link to a 7/1/15 interview I had done on the Biz Culture Matters program on KLAY, a Seattle radio station.  In the run-up and preparation for the interview, I had the occasion to exchange emails and have a pre-interview phone chat or two with the show’s hosts, Steve and Zac Gandara.  In the process, I got to learn a bit about the Redmond, WA company with which they’re affiliated: Excellent Cultures Inc.  From where I sit, it’s a company that gets it.

Let me acknowledge that you might have read that last paragraph and thought:  “So they put John on their show and now he features them here.   Do we have some mutual back-scratching going on here?”  The simple and honest answer is: No, we don’t.  I’m not that cynical.

At the heart of Excellent Cultures’ work is Peter Drucker’s famous—and spot on—observation that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  (Who am I to disagree with Drucker, much less the Gandaras?!)

Take a few minutes to check out the company’s website here:  I think you’ll find it to be time well spent.  (The video case studies are especially compelling.)


(REMINDER: Now that summer is here, I will be turning my attention on Fridays to a matter far more important than employee engagement—my golf game.  So through Labor Day, Musings will be published on a Mon-Thurs schedule, with no Musing on Fridays.  As always, try to cope.  JG)