This morning’s Musing points you to an article written several years ago that I’ve repurposed here.  It’s my attempt to poke at the peculiar attitude which holds that while high illiteracy rates should be taken seriously—and they should be—high rates of innumeracy are to be shrugged off, and even seen to be charmingly self-deprecatory:  “Silly me.  I’m just not very good with numbers!”

An excerpt:

“Why is innumeracy important? Because it affects important things, like baseball. When was the last time the manager of your favorite team justified sending up a pinch hitter who was batting just .211 on the grounds that ‘the law of averages’ was on his side? By that logic, when you go in for your bypass operation, you shouldn't go with a surgeon who has an unblemished record of success. You should pick one who's been losing patients left and right, because ‘He’s due.’”

It's titled "It Just Doesn't Add Up" and you’ll find it on the Loose Change page of this website.