I’ve used this space in the past to cite some concerns about the application of technology to achieve higher levels of engagement.  Usually, though, those concerns have been triggered by things like software suites designed to transfer leaders’ responsibilities to forge stronger connections with their employees to those employees themselves.

Then I read an article posted on that achieves a platonic level of misunderstanding when it comes to what employee engagement actually is.  Here are the opening paragraphs.

Fear of Missing Out is the plague of our modern times. In a digitally connected world, Instagram and Snapchat give us party FOMO — why wasn't I invited? — and Facebook gives us vacation envy.

There is also work FOMO — the terror of missing an email, important meeting or crucial presentation while outside of the office.

Smartphones and laptops are both the disease and the cure to work FOMO. Having all these digital devices to check stresses us out. But by having them available, we are less frantic about work emergencies, pending projects and imminent deadlines. We become more engaged employees.

To all of which I say...sigh.