Yesterday, I dragged out a white paper I had written 15 or so years ago on what I called The Value Effect.   (Shameless self-promotion:  If you’d like to read a truly excellent book of the same name, click here.) The premise of the paper—and the truly excellent book—was that by connecting employees more directly and closely to customers, employee engagement levels will rise.

Lo and behold, what popped up in my email inbox but an article from a UK website, HRMagazine, titled:  “Connecting employee and customer engagement”.

An excerpt:

“Right off the bat, HR directors must be able to prove the relationship between employee engagement and customer experience. Encouragingly, Phil Anderson, client director at Ashridge Business School, says that this shouldn’t be too tricky. 'If the HRD needed any proof, they wouldn’t have to look very far,' he says. 'There is lots of research which shows that happy employees lead to happy customers who are loyal and spend more money – which leads to better profit.'"

Good stuff.  You can read the whole thing here.