(Every Friday, I am honored and delighted to turn this space over to Mr. Engagement, one of the world’s leading authorities when it comes to Engagement and its related intangibles.  I hope you enjoy his contributions to the conversation.  JG)

Dear Mr. Engagement:

I’m sorry, but these damn millennials just don’t seem to get it.  They come in here with their hipster hair and cloths and their noses buried in their smartphones.  And all of those tattoos!!  What’s that all about?

They aren’t as dedicated to the job as we were at that age, either.   They put more importance on their personal lives than they do on their jobs.  Can you imagine that?!?  And don’t get me started on their music—or at least what they call music!

What can I do to deal more effectively with this situation I find myself in.  Help!!!!

Celerino Sanchez, CTO, Wonderment Illustrated


Dear Mr. Sanchez :

What can you do to deal more effectively with what you call “the situation you find yourself in”?  By that do you mean “inhabiting Planet Earth early in the 21st century”?  Because that is, in fact, the situation in which you find yourself.

Let’s see.  I suppose you could climb into your Way-Back machine and assassinate William Shockley before he invented the transistor in 1947.  That way these damn millennials would still have their noses buried in IBM Selectric typewriters like God intended.  And while you’re there, you could marvel at a society in which the younger generation never did anything to try and differentiate itself from the older one, whether it be clothing or hairstyles or music or what have you.  And on your way back in your Way-Back you might also spend some time sifting through the rubble of broken homes that resulted from people putting perhaps a tad too much emphasis on career at the expense of family matters.

Your title is CTO, so presumably you’re a leader.   As Gen. Eisenhower said, “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”  So stop moaning about how “these damn millennials” are different from you and start leading.  (Although I will concede that you have a point when it comes to the tattoos.  What’s that about, indeed.)

Yours in Othership,

Mr. Engagement