Publication of an Article and a Milestone

Two things today:

1)   Just had an article published in  It’s titled:  “Engagement May Not Be What You Think It Is”.  You can find it on the Articles page.  Or, for that matter, right here.

2)   As it happens, today is my birthday.  I wouldn’t mention this except that it’s a milestone birthday of sorts:  my 65th.   So there’s no getting around it.  I am now officially an old coot aspiring to geezer status.  (I am too modest to hope that I can ever attain full codger-dom.)  On the brighter side, I can now be as cranky and cantankerous as I want to be, and if anybody complains, I can say that they’re ageist!  This old coot stuff could be fun.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go outside and tell the neighbors’ kids to get off my lawn.