It's Patriots' Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  History has never been my strong suit, but I believe that this obscure state holiday commemorates the date on which a gritty band of Colonists led by Samuel Adams chased several battalions of Red Coats 26.3 miles from Hopkinton, MA to Boston, at which point they got hopelessly snarled in post Red Sox game traffic in Kenmore Square, so Adams decided to give up the chase and open a brewery instead.  Or words to that effect.

To celebrate Patriots' Day, I'm breaking with my standard one-Musing-per-day practice and sending out this special, bonus Musing.  I was interviewed earlier today by the host of "Straight Talk", a feature on WZAB radio, Bloomberg Business Radio in Miami, FL.  (For those of you who think that the "FL" following "Miami" was superfluous, you're being South-ist.  There are also Miamis in Arizona, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and West Virginia.)

Click here and you'll have the answer to the question I know you've been pondering for years:  "I wonder what Dr. Waldo, host of 'Straight Talk', actually sounds like?"  And Happy Patriots' Day.