Some Shameless Self-Promotion

Not that there is a square centimeter of this website that isn’t self-promotional, but I think I’m breaking new ground this morning.

That’s because there is no substantive content in today’s Musing.   (My wife:  “And this is news because...?”)  Instead, I am here today to announce—actually, it’s more of a tease than an announcement—an exciting offer of FREE STUFF! that will appear in this space tomorrow.

Slightly more specifically, I will be announcing how you can receive virtually half of my new book, Otherwise Engaged, free of charge.  Of course, if this generous promise has already moved you to think that you’d like to buy the whole thing, you can do so by clicking here.

(Excuse me for a moment while I dial up the shamelessness level to 11.  There.  All set.)  If you would like to share this exciting news with others by forwarding this to them, I would not object.