The Worst Employee Engagement Idea of the Week!!

The headline of an article appearing on the website reads as follows:

Is PR Dead or in Mid-Transformation?

The article examines how the changing business landscape has changed the world of Public Relations and what PR firms might do about it.  It seemed innocuous enough—or at least as innocuous as an article about the PR industry can be—until I came to this paragraph:

And what of tomorrow's future? Maybe the subjects bubbling under in this year's Council vote give a clue. Content marketing remains core to consumer PR thinking as does social and digital. But perhaps the rising importance of employee engagement is the most significant trend in the industry. Delivering every single employee as a brand ambassador and reputation protector would surely ensure today's PR industry becomes tomorrow's crucial adviser. 

Yes, I can think of no better way of leveraging the potential of a well-wrought employee engagement strategy than to co-opt your employees as brand ambassadors and reputation protectors.  After all, what could possibly be more important than ensuring that “today’s PR industry becomes tomorrow’s crucial  advisor”?