Ask Mr. Engagement!

(Beginning today and continuing on all forthcoming Fridays, I will be turning this space over to Mr. Engagement, one of the world’s leading authorities when it comes to Engagement and its related intangibles.  I hope you enjoy his contributions to the conversation.  JG)

Dear Mr. Engagement,

I am a Vice President of Human Resources for a company that makes those thingees that they put in widgets, gadgets, and gee-gaws, and I am completely flummoxed when it comes to all this Employee Engagement stuff.

I’ve tried surveys.  I’ve tried all-hands meetings.  I’ve tried management-by-walking-around.  I’ve tried open-door policies.  I’ve gone to conferences to learn about best practices.  I’ve gone on bench-marking tours.  I’ve hosted bench-marking tours.

In short, I’ve tried everything, but I’m still at a loss as to what I should do next.

Can you help me?


Roger Repoz, VP Human Resources, XYZ, Inc.


Dear Mr. Repoz,

I think your difficulties are a matter of perspective.  More specifically, it would appear that you have climbed so far up your own posterior that your field of vision is, shall we say, limited.  Try climbing on out.  The air is considerably fresher, and the view of what you really ought to be paying attention to is considerably better. 

Yours in Othership,

Mr. Engagement