If Your Engagement Efforts Involve Tchotchkes, You Probably Have Some Rethinking to Do

If you click here, you can see a tool I’ve sometimes used when teaching classes or seminars about Engagement and related intangibles such as “connection” (as in, “Are you connecting effectively with your employees?”).

It’s called the FACT™, for Family Analysis/Connection Tool, and it promises to be “Your guide to measurable performance improvements in your familial relationships”.

Now, if your antennae haven’t already gone up after just reading that much, that’s ok.  But 5-Alarm Warnings will no doubt be rattling through your skull by the time you get to the guide for running a family focus group to tune up your survey instrument or the FACTflake™-festooned baseball caps and badge cards.

The FACT™ tool is intended to be a satirical way to introduce a bit of cognitive dissonance, to get those class and workshop attendees to feel the pinch that comes with the misapplication of such a cold, analytical approach to so sublime a topic as “familial relationships.” 

The reason for using it?  Because while nothing quite so preposterous is actually used in businesses, the difference is only one of degree, not of kind.  In the context of business, the concept of engagement qualifies as being sublime.  So why do so many business leaders approach it from such a cold, analytical direction?   Why do they think that such mechanical, utilitarian steps as all-hands meetings and breakout sessions and engagement surveys are any more appropriate than FACTstorms™ or bumper stickers?  Why do they think that something so fundamentally, profoundly intangible can be effected through such homely, tangible means?

It is a puzzlement.