Ask Mr. Engagement!

(Every Friday, I am honored and delighted to turn this space over to Mr. Engagement, one of the world’s leading authorities when it comes to Engagement and its related intangibles.  I hope you enjoy his contributions to the conversation.  JG)

Dear Mr. Engagement: 

I have been told that one of the factors determining the likelihood of my employees being engaged on the job is the degree to which they perceive that I truly care about them as people. Can you provide me with a list of the top 3 things I can do to ensure that they do indeed have that perception? 

Tom Tresh, Chief Operating Officer, The Algernon Companies


Dear Mr. Tresh: 

You asked for a list of the top 3 things, but I can boil that down to just one:  if you want your people to perceive that you care about about them!  This is not about who can develop the approved list of “Best Practices: Caring Division”.  It’s not about who can be more cunning or clever.  It’s about who can be more authentic and genuine, which is to say authentically, genuinely caring.

Yours in Othership,

Mr. Engagement