There’s a Built-In Tension Between Increased Engagement and Life Its Own Self

Fans of great sportswriting may have noticed that I appropriated the “life its own self” part of that headline from the great Dan Jenkins.  I did so because I think it adds  a nicely appropriate bit of emphasis.

Engagement, properly understood, has to do with people investing additional effort and energy on the job.  There are two ways that can happen.  The correct way is by striving to create a workplace that strikes the resonant frequency that will transform people’s latent energy into energy that is applied on the job.  The other, all-too-common way is through brute force:  “Work harder, dammit!”

A 40-Hour Work Week: A New Rallying Cry is a short piece that explores this built-in tension.  You can find it on the Articles page, or by clicking here.  (Note: for a longer discussion of the same issue, read The Next Big Thing: A Preposterous Idea Whose Time May Have Come, also on the Articles page.)