Temporarily hors de combat

Last Friday, I had a long-planned (and very minor) surgical procedure done on my left hand, one consequence of which is that I am under doctor’s orders to rest that hand for the next 7-10 days, which means, among other things, no typing.  (Yes, I am disobeying that order by typing these words.  If you don’t tell her, I won’t.)  This week’s Musings, therefore, will be things I’ve written in the past that can either be attached or copy-pasted with a minimum of keystrokes. 

Today’s contribution is from my then-regular column in “Across the Board”, the magazine of The Conference Board.  In those days, all of my work was focused on helping clients understand what would represent value to customers.  Well, understanding what makes customers tick is not all that different from understanding what makes employees tick.  Make that substitution as you read this, and I think you’ll see the parallel.

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