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"Anyone who reads it without coming to a significant--almost gut level--understanding of what quality really is ought to get a one minute reprimand."

     --Kenneth Blanchard, co-author of The One Minute Manager

"Guaspari has a simple, down-to-earth way of recognizing the importance that quality, organizational effectiveness, and care for the customer have to be related.  He writes with clarity and authority and is always interesting."

      --Peter Block, author of Stewardship and The Empowered Manager

"Guaspari understands that we are not dealing with rocket science here...customers are not an interruption in all the paperwork you have to get done; they're the reason the check comes on Friday."

     --Paul B. Brown, Inc. Magazine

"Switched-On Quality is a refreshing blast of a book.  John Guaspari has breathed new life into the revolutionary business movement that sparked an unparalleled economic recovery.  And while Guaspari is dedicatedly serious about his commitment to quality, he thankfully doesn't take himself too seriously.  At times absurdly funny and at others sensibly pragmatic, Guaspari's got the right mix of entertainment and practicality."

     --Jim Kouzes, Chairman Emeritus, The Tom Peters Company

"In a world of almost always pretentious and oftentimes foggy and empty quality rhetoric, a refreshingly clear point of view on what it takes to win in the marketplace...competence and speed."

     --Edward Fogarty, President, Colgate U.S., Colgate-Palmolive Company

"...a delightfully simple tale with a potent message."

     --Quality Progress