From time to time, John is invited to offer his views on Employee Engagement and related intangibles on radio programs, podcasts, and other similar venues.  When he does, you'll be able to hear what he has to say here.

Interview on Growth Igniters Radio

Click here to hear John's August 11th interview on Growth Igniters Radio.

Interview on Atlanta News-Talk Radio, WCFO

Click here for the MP3 version, or here to go to the show's website (scroll down to find the episode) to hear John's August 10th interview on WCFO in Atlanta.

Interview on Seattle Talk Radio, KLAY

Click here to hear John's July 1st interview on KLAY in Seattle.

Interview on Houston Business Radio, KTEK

Click here to hear John's April 27th interview on KTEK in Houston.  (MP3 version here.)

Interview On "Straight Talk"...WZAB Business Radio in Miami

John was interviewed on April 20 by Dr. Waldo, host of "Straight Talk," a feature of Bloomberg Business Radio in Miami, FL.  You can hear that interview here.   

Interview With "The Small Business Advocate"

John was interviewed on April 15 by Jim Blasingame, aka "The Small Business Advocate."   You can hear that interview here.

Hear John Guaspari Discuss His New Book, Otherwise Engaged, on "The HR Power Hour"

John was recently interviewed for a full hour on "The HR Power Hour".  To hear the interview, go here then click on the "Download the Show Audio Here" link.  (Depending on when you do this, you might have to scroll down a bit to find John's interview.  It's the one dated 2/28/15.  It will be there if you scroll down far enough.)

Otherwise Engaged: The Trailer

Click here to view the trailer for John Guaspari's new book, Otherwise Engaged.